How to play

How to play Pioneer’s Pachislot machines will be explained here.

So simple!
Light the Bonus Lamps!

How to play Pachislot.

An informative short story introduced here will illustrate how to play Pioneer’s major Pachislot models, which are normally called Okislot.

After reading this story, we bet, you feel dying for playing Okislot.

  • What is Pachislot?

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First, we will give you an overview of Pachislot machine features.

Data Indicator
Pachislot machine

Data Indicator

1:Call Button

You can call a hall attendant by pressing the Call Button.

Pachislot machine

2:Bonus Lamps

These hibiscus lamps are lit to advise you that you have won a bonus game.


They will start spinning when you press down the Start Lever. Press the Stop Buttons to stop the left, middle and right reels.


It shows the number of tokens retained in the Pachislot machine.You can keep up to 50 tokens in a session.

5:MAX BET Button

By pressing this button, you can bet three tokens at a time.

6:Token Slot

Put tokens into this slot.

7:Credit Refund Button

The tokens retained in the Pachislot machine will be paid out.

8:Start Lever

When this lever is pressed down after tokens are put in, the reels will start spinning.

9:Stop Buttons

They are used to stop the reels.
There are three respective buttons linked to the left, middle and right reels.

10:Lower Tray

When the number of tokens retained in the Pachislot machine exceeds 50, an excess will be paid out into this tray.


11:Token SANDO

It is a dispensing machine to borrow tokens to play Pachislot. Normally, it takes a \1000 bill, but SANDO accepting a \10000 bill is also available in recent years.

12:Token Dispensing Chute

When you put in a \1000 bill, \1000 worth tokens will be dispensed through this Token Dispensing Chute to the Lower Tray.

Japan’s unique amusement

Annie and Billy are enjoying sightseeing in Japan.
They seem to be enjoying themselves fully.
Now, they are talking about a quest for some exciting new experience.


It was really a good fun looking around various places.


Yes, where shall we visit next?


Is there any amusement unique to Japan?


Well, then let’s try Pachislot.


I have heard of Pachislot, but isn’t it difficult?


You don’t need to worry, it’s quite simple. Let’s go.

Let’s play Pachislot.


Japan has Pachinko and Pachislot, amusements unique to Japan.

You use tokens to play Pachislot.

You can play Pachislot by visiting an amusement establishment called Pachislot Hall.

What I like to recommend a beginner, Annie, is the Okislot series.




Yes, Okislot.

It is one of the simplest models to play among Pachislot and it offers a great fun too. Let’s try it.


Ok. Tell me how to play. Billy.

Let’s enjoy Okislot.


This is Okislot “Hanahana,” I recommend you to play.

It is the simplest and most enjoyable one among thousands of Pachislot models.

I once played this one and became a huge fun of it.


Oh, did you? Can I play it?


Of course! This Okislot “Hanahana” series takes larger tokens than other Pachislot models.


Yes. They are really large. They are easier to hold, so it seems easier to play.


Your are right. Now, I will give you tips for playing.

Let’s borrow tokens.


First put a \1000 bill in a token dispenser situated beside your Pachislot machine.

Then you can borrow \1000 worth tokens.

Dispensed tokens will be discharged through the Token Dispensing Chute into the Lower Tray.


Yes. A plenty of tokens are discharged now.

Yeah, let’s win many tokens by playing well!

Tokens IN! Lever DOWN.


Now, let’s start playing. Put three tokens in the Token Slot situated on your right, then press down the lever situated on your left to spin the reels.


Ok! Put three tokens in and press down the lever.


See. The reels start spinning.

Stop the reels!


Next, stop the reels.

When you press the three Stop Buttons situated on the middle of the machine from the left to right, the respective reels will stop. This completes a cycle of play.

Until the Bonus Lamps are lit.


What should I try to achieve in stopping the reels?


You see large hibiscuses at the upper left and right corners of the reels, don’t you.

They are called Bonus Lamps and you need not do something special until they are lit.


I see. I hope the Bonus Lamps will be lit soon.

Bonus Lamps blink.

Annie has played the machine for a while. Then,


Look, Billy. The Bonus Lamps are lit.


Congratulations. Illuminated Bonus Lamps mean you have won a bonus. There are two types of bonus, Big Bonus and Regular Bonus.


How do they differ from each other?


You can win more tokens from a Big Bonus. So, I hope you’ve got a Big Bonus.

Aim at [7]


Now, let’s try to stop the reels and get a set of three [7].


Ok. I will take the aim at [7].

Now, Annie has got a set of three [7] successfully.

Annie & Billy:

Well done, Annie. You’ve got a Big Bonus.


Incidentally, in the case of a Regular Bonus, you cannot get as many tokens as you can from a Big Bonus.

It is something like a minor jackpot.

Many tokens are won.


Congratulations. You have won a plenty of tokens.

When the Lower Tray of a Pachislot machine becomes full, transfer tokens to Dorubako (winnings box).


Because tokens for Okislot are large, a box is filled quickly.


It’s so excitingly dynamic, isn’t it?

The reason why Okislot absorbed me was because I was carried away by this dynamism.

How to quit.


I have won pretty many tokens.


Now, let’s exchange these tokens for prizes.


Oh, I can exchange them for prizes. That’s good.


Ok. Now we call a hall attendant and get tokens counted up.

A hall attendant will come to assist you, if you press the Call Button provided on the Data Indicator.


Roger! I will press the Call Button.

Hand sign to show an intention to quit.


A hall attendant has come to me, but I cannot speak Japanese. What shall I do?


Don’t worry.

All you have to do is to cross your arms before your chest to make an X sign.

It will make your intention to quit understood.


Is that right? Ok.

(Annie makes an X sign)

It seems, I am understood.


As I told you, right! The hall attendant will carry your tokens, so let’s follow him.

And be careful not to leave your personal belongings behind.

Get tokens counted up.


You can leave counting to the hall attendant.

When your tokens are counted up, he will give you a receipt showing the number of tokens.



Receive an exchange receipt.


Have you received a receipt?

Ok, then bring it to the prize exchange counter.

Be careful not to mislay your receipt.


Now, I can exchange for prizes.

It’s exciting.

Exchange for prizes.


Yes, you can exchange for prizes now.

Hand your receipt to an attendant in the prize exchange counter and select favorite prizes worth the number of tokens you won from an array of prizes.


There are so many prizes to choose from.

It’s not easy to decide.

This one is nice. Yes, This one is also cute. Which should I take?


Happy Annie & Billy with a plenty of prizes in their hands.


Yes. It was a really good fun. I thought Pachislot were difficult, but Okislot wasn’t.

It was quite simple and I enjoyed it very much. Moreover, having got so many prizes, I am really happy.

Please take me to Pachislot again, Billy.


Ok! We are set to make a quest for Okislot in our next trip to Japan, shan’t we?

Recognized as part of Japan’s unique culture, Pachinko and Pachislot are rapidly gaining popularity among foreign tourists as an amusement they can only experience in Japan.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, please try your hand at these games by all means.