What is Okislot?

Here, explanations will be given on a Pachislot model called Okislot.

What is Okislot?

Okislot is a generic name of Pachislot models developed in Okinawa, the prefecture situated southernmost of Japan.

Since it originated in Okinawa prefecture, it is called Okislot.

In Okinawa prefecture, people tend to prefer simpler models to play, which has led to the development of the indication feature to inform the player of the start of a bonus.

As a result, Okislot has become a synonym of a full indication type model, and various full indication type models are rele

In its incipient, Okislot was released only in Okinawa, but its simple game characteristics and impact of bonus indication began to gain popularity in the main island. With the release of Pioneer’s Shiosai 30 about 10 years ago, it became a model furnished generally throughout the country.

Its friendliness to newbies such as the simple rules allowing everybody to understand and enjoy playing Okislot has won many fans favoring it today.

Rules are so simple.

The secret of Okislot’s popularity lies in its rules, which are much simpler than other Pachislot models.

As soon as a chance to increase your tokens has arrived, Okislot teaches you so.

When hibiscuses situated on the left and right start blinking, a chance has arrived. Until the Bonus Lamps are lit, you must continue to play, leaving the results to divine law and praying that the lamps are illuminated.

It is as simple as that.

Large tokens

One significant characteristic of Okislot is that it uses larger tokens than other Pachislot models. Ordinary Pachislot tokens are 25mm in diameter, but those of Okislot are 30mm in diameter.

This 30 Φ token is quite handy to handle, while it plays a significant role in impressing dynamism when winnings are paid out.

Once you play with 30 Φ tokens, you won’t get satisfied with smaller tokens.

Please experience an exciting game using large tokens in a hall.

Difference from Casino slot machines

Generally speaking, there are large differences between slot machines found in casinos and Japanese Pachislot.

Firstly, Casino slot machines do not allow the player to stop the spinning reels at will. On the other hand, Japanese Pachislot allows the player to stop the reels at will.

One thing you have to note here is that allowing to stop the reels at will does not necessarily mean that you can draw a bonus combination or an intended symbol at will.

It is because the internal control of a Pachislot machine randomly choose the timing to draw a bonus combination. But you don’t have to worry.

In the case of Okislot, when a chance to draw a bonus combination has arrived, it will tell you so in the most expeditious manner.

Furthermore, the so-called jackpot system as adopted in casino slot machines is not employed in Japanese Pachislot machines in principle.

Since Japanese Pachislot machines make a draw at a certain probability at each time, there is a case that Big Bonuses are hit in succession.

Have you ever experienced that the head is drawn in succession in a series of coin tosses?

Similarly, you have a chance to hit bonuses successively in a short period of time with Pachislot.

If this happens, you will have a really miraculous experience.